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Why Saliva Testing for Homone Levels is Better

Saliva Testing is Superior

Did you know that saliva testing is superior to serum testing for accurately measuring hormone levels? Saliva testing is now proving to be the most reliable way to measure hormone levels.

Hormone levels in saliva more accurately represent the amount of hormone delivered to receptors in the body. Serum tests measure hormone levels that may or may not be delivered to receptors of the body. When you measure the hormone levels that are actually delivered to the tissue receptors, it is a much better measure of the active hormone levels of the body.

Most all of your hormones exist in one of two forms in your blood: free (5%) or protein bound (95%). Typically the distribution is about 95% of the hormone levels in your body are protein bound. Only the 5% free hormones are biologically active. Serum tests only measure the protein bound hormone levels, which are not non- bioavailable. A saliva test measures the free bioavailable hormone levels in the body. This makes the serum test a much less accurate measure of functional hormone levels than a saliva test.

Serum Measures the “Protein Bound” Biologically Inactive Hormone Levels

A serum test can only detect levels of hormones that are bound to circulating proteins. When hormones are bound to proteins, they are unable to be picked up by the receptors in the body. If hormones can’t be picked up by the receptors, they cannot be delivered to tissue. If hormones can’t be used, they are considered inactive, or non-bioavailable.

Saliva Test Measures Biologically Active Hormone Levels

Protein bound hormones are too large to pass through the cell membranes in the salivary glands. Only the unbound, bioavailable hormones can pass through the membranes and into the saliva. In a saliva test, only the “free”, or bioavailable hormone levels, are measured. The bioavailable hormones are the ones which will be delivered to the receptors in the tissues of the body.

Saliva Testing at Body Beautiful Spa Phoenix | Scottsdale

Saliva testing is used in the bioidentical hormone at Body Beautiful Spa Phoenix | Scottsdale to ensure that your prescription for bioidentical hormones is based on the most accurate measure of hormone levels available.

As we age, our hormone levels naturally decline. Symptoms of low or out of balance hormone levels include lack luster or thinning hair, dry skin, decreased libido, loss of muscle tone, decreased ability to concentrate, remember, and/or focus, as well as moodiness and depression. Women with out of balance hormone levels can have more frequent irregular menstrual periods and irregular cycles with periods of light and heavy flow. Men with decreasing hormone levels may notice that going to the gym doesn’t produce the muscle tone and muscle mass they previously achieved.

Many people think that they have no choice but to live with their hormone deficiency symptoms. The great news is that diminishing hormone levels can be reversed! Bioidenticial Hormone Replacement Therapy at Body Beautiful Spa Phoenix | Scottsdale can help you reclaim your life.

Are Bioidentical Hormones for You?

Could biodentical hormones help you reclaim your life? Take this quick self-assessment and find out. If you are still not sure if bioidentical hormone replacement is for you, call us at 602-522-9222 for a free, no obligation consultation.

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