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Valentine’s Day Chocolate That is Actually Good for You!

Valentine's Day ChocolateSweet, indulgent, delicious and healthy? Not quite the word we think of when we think about when we talk about Valentine’s Day Chocolate.

Dark chocolate can actually be a delicious treat to give your loved one that wont’t send him or her straight to the gym for their next workout. According to many different resources, Dark Chocolate has many health benefits not seen in many other sweets.


Here are 10 reasons why your Valentine’s Day Chocolate should be your new favorite treat:

  1. Aids in Weight Loss: With it’s richness in fiber Dark Chocolate will expand your feeling of fullness. The antioxidants in Dark Chocolate will also enhance your metabolism and cause fat burn.
  2. Helps protect your Skin: Assists with blood flow to the skin preventing dehydration. Also, protects against harmful effects of the sun.
  3. Helps with that pesky cough: The presence of theobromine helps cope with chronic cough and many other health benefits.
  4. Can treat diarrhea: Cocoa can impede the protein which has control over fluid secretion in your intestines.
  5. Can regulate your Cholesterol: reduces the number of “bad” cholesterol in your body harmful to tissues and muscles. Being full of antioxidants, Dark Chocolate can fight against oxidative damage.
  6. Can enhance brain function: With it’s richness in flavanols, this can increase blood flow to the brain.
  7. Increases immunity: Flavonoids also exist in Dark Chocolate and can strengthen your immunity.
  8. Reduces Stress: Eating Dark Chocolate can increase endorphins that are responsible for the happy feelings in your body. Like caffeine, consumption of chocolate daily will lower your level of stress hormones.
  9. Can help in preventing a Stroke: Dark Chocolate consumption can prevent stroke and more serious problems, such as heart attacks. Consumption of 2.2 oz on a weekly basis has been said reduce the risk of stroke 17 percent.
  10. Can lower your blood pressure: Dark Chocolate fosters the blood circulation that lowers blood pressure.

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