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Ear Coning-Ear Candling

Ear Coning-Ear Candling

The art of ear coning has been around for centuries.

Ear coning, also called ear candling, was used by ancient Chinese, Egyptian, Tibetan, Mayan, Aztec, and American Indian cultures. European, Mexican Indian, and Cherokee healers continue to practice ear coning. Today, German medical students are taught ear coning as a part of their medical practice.

Ear coning cleans the eustachian tubes. The eustachian tube is one of the drains of the lymphatic which has the daily job of cleaning your blood. It releases the toxins it accumulates through the surface of the skin, the elimination tract and through the eustachian tubes.

As the beeswax candle/cone burns, the burnt beeswax forms a slightly tacky powdery smoke. As you look into the top of the burning cone, you can see the smoke spirals down in the cone. As the smoke from the ear cone moves through the tube, the smoke’s sticky particles adhere to toxins that get carried back by the smoke to be collected in the ear cone. Also, the flow of the ear cone smoke stimulates the upper respiratory system to begin its self-cleaning process.

Ear Coning is very relaxing and non-invasive, and there is no heat felt in the ear canal.

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