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Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite Treatment

What is Cellulite?  It is an extremely common, unsightly skin condition that’s especially found in women. It's a fat deposit that becomes bumpy for two reasons.

First, the connective tissue around the fat contracts due to collagen and elastin loss. Secondly, the fat cells contain varying volumes of fat. Together this causes a dimpled, cottage cheese, or orange-peel skin texture. Age adds another dimension to cellulite. Collagen begins to deteriorate at about age 30. As it does, cellulite becomes more visible.

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alt="Body Fx cellulite"

alt="body contouring and cellulite"The radiofrequency technology in BodyFX is one of the most successful cellulite reduction treatments available. BodyFX uses an exclusive three-prong approach: vacuum suction, radio frequency thermal energy, and high-efficiency pulses. Clinical trials demonstrated a 100% response rate, and the average patient saw a 68% improvement!

BodyFX provides:

  • Superior, non-invasive body contouring.
  • Clinical proof in the reduction of the appearance of cellulite.
  • Fat cell destruction through electroporation.
  • Skin temperature cut-off ensures safety and comfort during treatment.
  • Zero downtime.
  • Minimal discomfort — no severe pain or bruising.
  • Safe treatment for all skin types.

ZWave, which uses radial pulse technology, has been FDA-approved for cellulite treatment. ZWave’s radial pulse waves loosen and disrupt the fat cells. This both helps kill fat cells and helps your body flush out dead fat cells more quickly and more efficiently.

BodyFX and ZWave Combo Treatment Success

Together, Body Beautiful Spa’s unique BodyFX and ZWave cellulite treatment provides real, long-term results for both fat and cellulite reduction. Even better, Body Beautiful Spa’s unique BodyFX and ZWave cellulite treatment combo is non-invasive, virtually painless, and there is no down time. Treatments can be done over lunch time!

Body Wraps

Body wraps can also help you minimize and eliminate the look of cellulite - read more about our menu of body wraps!

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