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Authentic Botox®: How to Tell Real From Fake

Earlier this year, the FDA issued a warning about counterfeit Botox being sold and used in the United States. To put it frankly, that’s a big deal.

At best, the counterfeit product is ineffective, and at worst it can be contaminated and put your health at serious risk. Some have even suggested that  ‘fake’ Botox could be used in bioterrorism, as an article from Scientific American explained nearly 10 years ago. This is why you’ll hear Body Beautiful Spa stress that we use authentic product.

In the United States, authentic Botox is sold exclusively through the manufacturer, Allergan. We are a proud partner through Allergan’s “Brilliant Distinctions” program, which recognizes licensed spas and clinics who sell authentic Botox with rewards points for its clients.

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Always ask to see the original packaging and look for the Allergan hologram on the vial if you’re not sure the Botox you’re receiving is authentic.

If you’re elsewhere and want to ensure that you are receiving authentic product, here are a few tips:

  • Ask FIRST to see the packaging and if you’re extra concerned you may check the lot # with Allergan
  • Ask if the med spa or doctor’s office is a participant in the Brilliant Distinctions program. If not, it’s possible that the product does not qualify and is therefore not authentic.
  • Allergan also puts a hologram on their vials of Botox to further distinguish itself as authentic
  • Beware of kiosks or in-home Botox parties! Even if the product is authentic, the person administering may not be qualified to inject it.
  • Also be leery of places which offer incredibly low-cost treatments. The average cost for Botox treatments is $300-$600, so if the offer seems too good to be true – it’s neither.

Your health is first and foremost, and beauty is just a great perk of taking care of yourself. Consult with one of our licensed providers if you have any questions on Botox® or any other injectible treatments offered at Body Beautiful.