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8 Things Not To Do After Facials

8 Things Not To Do After Facials – Body Beautiful Spa Phoenix

facials phoenixFacials are wonderful and Body Beautiful Spa offers a wide variety tailored exactly to your skin’s needs. After a relaxing facial, the “what not to do’s” might not be first on your mind.

We have put together this list of post-facial treatment do nots. Not only can these simple things can wreak havoc on your skin, but because it’ll counteract the wonderful service you just received.

Ignorance, in this case, is not spa bliss.


8 Post-Facial Do Nots:

  1. Don’t go hoppin in a sauna, steam room or join that afternoon hot yoga class. This is a great excuse to skip out on another heating service or your daily workout. You were just steamed… this will only diminish your just paid for glow and strip away the wonderful products used in your service.
  2. No-no to a massage. Book it before the facial for a pampering spa day! You don’t want that beautiful imprint of the massage pillow to damage your fresh new complexion? We think not.
  3. Don’t wash your face. You just received a deep and meaningful cleanse from a professional, you can skip this step before bed time. The products on your skin are meant to seep in and will give you an even more amazing glow in the morning.
  4. Hands Off, Don’t touch your face. It may be tempting, soft and supple… but you should always avoid touching your face and spreading bacteria to your skin, especially after a facial when your pores are open and you have been freshly cleansed.
  5. Don’t use an At-Home Peel for over 72 hours. Give your skin a few day break from potent at-home products after a treatment.
  6. Avoid the sun. Your skin, although fresh and beautiful, will be very vulnerable to sun damage. Because of the exfoliation, your skin has a new layer, be cautious of sun exposure as it can easily burn.
  7. Do Not Pick. If your esthetician leaves pimples or blemishes behind it is because they weren’t quite ready to surface and some my pop up within 24 hours of a deep cleansing facial. Avoid the urge to pick and carry on with your normal skincare routine.
  8. Try to avoid makeup. Why go right ahead and clog up those perfectly cleansed pores? Try the au natural look for a day or two, your skin should be glowing and beautiful!

There you have it!

Body Beautiful Spa offers a wide variety of facial services daily. This includes Oxygen Facials, Anti-Aging Facials, Deep Pore Cleansing and more. Please call us at 602-522-9222 to schedule yours today!