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Our talented staff ensures that whether you are our guest for an hour or for an entire day, you can relax in an environment that delights all of your senses. Our anti-aging experts can roll back the appearance of years immediately. Our aestheticians and stylists will help you look your very best.

Our Gentlemen's Spa Services, which include sports massages, full waxing services, laser hair removal, and pedicures, are tailored to men's health and relaxation needs.

I strive to bring you the highest quality health and beauty services at the best possible prices so you can affordably escape from life's daily pressures to relax and renew.

I hope to see you soon.

Body Beautiful Spa

Body Beautiful News

New Study Finds Botox Helps Depression

Just about everyone in America recognizes the Botox brand, and just about everyone knows that Botox is widely used for erasing wrinkles for 3 to 4 months. But did you know Botox can help treat depression? A new study adds to growing evidence that it does. The May 2014 Journal of Psychiatric Research will include a new study by Norman Rosenthal, a professor of psychiatry at Georgetown Medical School, and Eric Finzi, a cosmetic dermatologist that demonstrated that Botox can improve symptoms of depression.
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Skin Tag Removal Featured on Sonoran Living

Skin tags are benign growths that can appear anywhere on your skin. They most often appear on the eyelids, neck, upper chest, armpits, and in the groin. In addition to being unsightly, skin tags can be irritated by clothing, jewelry, and shaving. Getting skin tags removed can cost as much as $100 per skin tag at a dermatologist office. At Body Beautiful Spa, you can get one skin tag removed for just $50. If you have multiple skin tags, you can get as many skin tags as possible removed in one 15, 30, or 60 minute appointment at a flat time-based cost (please call us at 602-522-9222 for current pricing).
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Destress from Taxes with a Massage

April 15th, the dreaded Tax Day, is a very stressful day for many Phoenicians. Between work, errands, kids, and everything else has to be done on that day, it’s so easy to put off taking care of ourselves. If you’ve already filed your taxes, there’s a great way to celebrate that refund coming in. Or if you’re stressed out, a great way to relax a before you send in that return. Getting a massage is both a great way to reward yourself for getting through tax season, as well as an investment in your health!
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A Message from Marlena

There’s no denying how blessed we are in Arizona during the “cold” winter months. I’ve sympathized with those in the east dealing with such harsh weather, especially my family and friends back in New York.

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Botox is Botox, Isn’t It?

Botox is Allergan’s neurotoxin that was approved by the FDA in 1989 for several neuromuscular disorders. It was approved in 2002 for cosmetic use, and now more than 12 million people each year use it to erase wrinkles that make them look old. Today Botox injections seem to be available everywhere. You can get it in your dentist’s office, or even in the back of your hair salon. Does it matter who does you Botox injection? Isn’t all Botox just Botox?

Botox isn’t Always Botox

According to the more...

Brilliant Distinctions – Is it a Secret?

If you purchase Botox, Voluma, Juvéderm, Latisse, or SkinMedica products and you haven’t heard about Brilliant Distinctions, then you need to enroll today! Brilliant Distinctions is Allergan’s loyalty program, and membership is free. Each time you make a qualified purchase, your provider issues more...

New! Voluma at Body Beautiful Spa

New! Voluma for Cheeks

Voluma is the newest member of the Juvederm family, joining Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus. It was just FDA-approved, and it is the only dermal filler approved for the cheek area. Voluma is available at Body Beautiful Spa.
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Connecting with the Couples Massage

The benefits of a massage are well documented, whether it’s done to relieve stress, ease muscle strain, or even alleviate symptoms of fibromyalgia. However, the increasing popularity of couples massage in the spa and resort business shows another dimension of therapeutic pampering, not just for the body, but the relationship too.

Today’s couples have busy, over-scheduled lives with jobs and family dominating their thoughts. Booking a massage together guarantees you time alone to focus on each other, rather than that presentation at work, little league tryouts, or the washing machine due for replacement.
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