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Our talented staff ensures that whether you are our guest for an hour or for an entire day, you can relax in an environment that delights all of your senses. Our anti-aging experts can roll back the appearance of years immediately. Our aestheticians and stylists will help you look your very best.

Our Gentlemen's Spa Services, which include sports massages, full waxing services, laser hair removal, and pedicures, are tailored to men's health and relaxation needs.

I strive to bring you the highest quality health and beauty services at the best possible prices so you can affordably escape from life's daily pressures to relax and renew.

I hope to see you soon.

Body Beautiful Spa

Body Beautiful News

Prep for Prom Special At Body Beautiful Spa

It’s that season again, Prom season that is. Prom is all about getting glammed up, looking completely stunning and feeling like a princess, even if it is only for one night. For every girl, Prom is made up of sequin dresses, the beautiful hair and the flawless makeup. It is truly a magical night that only happens once or twice in a young girls life and is definitely a night to remember. Body Beautiful Spa has the special for you!
…read more…

Top 11 Foods to Flawless Skin

Although here at Body Beautiful Spa we service Phoenix and Scottsdale’s men and women with many skin treatments, we believe putting in the work from the customer’s end is just as important. We can provide chemical peels, facials, laser treatments, injectables and more to deliver new levels of skin gorgeousness but there’s only so much WE can do if our customer’s are not taking care of their bodies inside and out. This being said, here are the Top 11 foods to incorporate in your daily diet with many naturally skin-boosting ingredients. Eat your way to radiant, glowing, flawless skin.
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Non-Surgical Alternatives to a Younger Looking You

Are you ready for a younger looking you? Body Beautiful Spa has the treatments for you, without the outrageous prices and the extensive downtime of surgical procedures. Body Beautiful Spa is your one stop shopping to looking younger in the heart of Phoenix. With our wide variety of non-surgical procedures, you’ll be looking younger in no time.
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Ranking Arizona Best of the Best Bash 2015

Body Beautiful Spa has found themselves at the top of the list, once again, in Ranking Arizona, The Best of Arizona Business. Since 2007, Body Beautiful Spa has been providing outstanding service at a great price in a warm, welcoming atmosphere. At Body Beautiful Spa, we pride ourselves on making our customers feel at home and as much like family as possible. Our staff strives to get to know each one of our customers on a first name basis and create long-lasting relationships.
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Got Pain? Struggling with Neuropathy?

Body Beautiful Spa in Phoenix is all about making our clients feel and look great. It is always the most amazing experience when we can honestly change the lives of our clients.
…read more…

The Latest and Greatest: Micro-Pen

Micro-Pen is the next big thing in medical spa services. But what is it?

Micro-pen is a minimally invasive skin rejuvenation procedure when miniscule needles pulsate at fast speeds against the skin. The needles are used to created a control injury which then are healed by the renewing production of collagen. Micro-needling is ideal for acne scars, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, pore size and stretch marks.
…read more…

New Tattoo Removal Service at Body Beautiful Spa!

Tattoos always sound like the best idea at the time, but with most and without fail, regret soon follows. We were once told that this ink that has been penetrated into the skin was never reversible and one hundred percent permanent. But with the newest technologies, Laser Tattoo Removal is more popular than ever. …read more…

Let’s Talk About Body Beautiful Spa and False Eyelashes!

Long, luxurious and thick lashes are the newest trend when it comes to beauty! But false lashes may not be all that easy to apply. False lashes have become a makeup step that most women thoughtlessly skip over simply because they don’t think they can pull them off…or even put them on!

Have no fear, falsies (or False Eyelashes) can be applied quickly and easily when done by a professional at Body Beautiful Spa. …read more…


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